The Klenner Clinic

3 Nov

Many in North Carolina may know the story of Fritz Klenner Jr – a young man who single-handedly created a tragic disaster in the small area of Reidsville, NC. Fritz was the son of one of the area’s prominent doctors, Fredrick Klenner, who was responsible for researching and discovering the many benefits of vitamin C. When Dr. Klenner’s son came of age he was sent off to medical school to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, Fritz never actually attended Duke University. Following his supposed graduation Fritz did begin to work at his father’s practice – all the while pretending to be an official doctor.

As the years went on, several individuals around Fritz began to discover his secret – including Stephanie, the pharmacy assistant who worked on the first floor of the Clinic. Stephanie (like many others) eventually confronted Fritz and refused to continue filling prescriptions written by him. Fritz killed her inside of the pharmacy. He also murdered four other people who discovered his secret. Some believe that many of those he murdered were members of the Klenner family, whom Fritz hoped to inherit money from.

The murders caught the attention of local police and they chose to arrest Fritz in June of 1985. Fritz led the police in a hectic car chase, eventually stopping the car in Guilford County to confront the officers. As they approached, the car exploded – instantly killing not only Fritz, but also his cousin and her two children who had been riding with him. The story of Dr. and Fritz Klenner has inspired a book and a movie, both titled “Bitter Blood.”

Dr. Klenner died about a year before Fritz, but did reportedly know about his son’s secret. He was exiting the clinic one day via the back stair-well and suffered either a heart attack or stroke, perishing on the landing of the steps there.

Throughout its history the Klenner Clinic was also home to the meetings of several infamous operations including the Improved Order of the Red Man and the Klu Klux Klan. It is suspected that Fritz may have been a member of one or both of those groups, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Today, the Klenner Clinic is privately owned. The second floor is decorated as a Hollywood-style haunted house known as Nightmare on Scales Street. Insipred by the story of the Klenner family, it operates in October and is extremely popular. In fact, it was at the time the haunted house was being developed that the actual hauntings became noticeable. The owners contacted TimeStoppers Paranormal, and their findings have continued to astound them for years. Many photos and audio are available on their website (linked above), but rest assured that the building can officially be called haunted! There are dozens of ghosts residing here, including Stephanie – the pharmacy assistant murdered by Fritz. Dr. Klenner can also be heard whistling his favorite tune along the second floor hallway, and descending the back stair-well he died in. Sarah is a little girl believed to be a patient of Dr. Klenner’s who died in his office. She has been known to laugh audibly and on EVP, as well as to color and play ball with investigators.

I first investigated the Klenner Clinic as a guest investigator on 10/23/12. This was an integral part of our class, as was the analysis of our evidence. I recorded about four hours of audio, two of video, and took over 200 pictures. I must say that, after reviewing my materials, I completely agree with the paranormal team. The results of the first investigation can be found here. I have been invited back to more investigations, and their results can be navigated to via the bottom menu bars.


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